John Kingston introduces 'When Sport Tackles Life', TWK's monthly podcast alongside Tony Woodcock and Adrian Taylor. In each episode they discuss the roles they play in helping sportsmen and women to make the most of the opportunties their talents provide.  The team also offer invaluable advice on life subjects which are relevant to the world of sport and answer questions from leading sportsmen and women.




When Sport Tackles Life
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Episode Five - "When Sport Tackles Social Media"

In this latest episode we address the incredibly topical world of Social Media and while this industry has attracted controversy and even negativity, TWK look into the massive opportunities which exist for Sports Athletes within this incredibly fast growing industry.

Specifically we look into the advantages of Social Media Marketing and the major benefits of getting Brand deals.

Our expert guests provide fabulous advise on how to go about securing these commercial link ups and crucially give brilliant advise on how to protect yourself in such situations.

Approached correctly, the Social Media world has the ability to provide significant additional income streams and also can assist majorly in building opportunities for future vocations post Sporting careers.


All of our previous podcasts are available to view above and tackle a range of subjects including tax, and life after sport.


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