John Kingston introduces 'When Sport Tackles Life', TWK's monthly podcast alongside Tony Woodcock and Adrian Taylor. In each episode they discuss the roles they play in helping sportsmen and women to make the most of the opportunties their talents provide.  The team also offer invaluable advice on life subjects which are relevant to the world of sport and answer questions from leading sportsmen and women.




When Sport Tackles Life
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Episode Four - "When Sport Tackles Insurance"

In our latest episode, the TWK team look into insurance as a means of providing financial protection and security against various risks to those performing on the Sporting stage.

Jim Rainford (Miller Insurance) and Chris Nash (WPA) join the pod to discuss both Career Ending Insurance and Private Medical Health needs for post sporting careers. Former International rugby player Jack Clifford also provides an extended interview to discuss his personal situation as he had to deal with early retirement through injury.

By the end of the podcast, viewers are left in no doubt as to the importance of financially protecting yourself against premature ending of  careers and also ensuring that suitable Private Medical Health is in place for after sport both to the benefit of the individual and their families.


All of our previous podcasts are available to view above and tackle a range of subjects including tax, and life after sport.


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